Chief Financial Outsourcing (CFO) Services

Our firm also provides services of qualified and experienced chartered accountants who act as a CFO of your company to render any or combination of the following services:

• To help in hire and setup of an in-house finance department for the company.
• To supervise, support and advise the in-house finance department of the company.
• To update the Management with all the statutory changes taking place in various statutes and proactively advise them to ensure they are abreast with the changing compliance environment.
• To act as an authorized representative of the company for the purpose of filing all statutory returns and representations before all the statutory authorities.
• To act as an authorized signatory in bank accounts of the company for the purpose of banking activities.
• To represent on behalf of the company for any fund raising discussions with investors or financial institutions.
• To handle any due diligence done on the company by any investors.
• To fill temporary vacancy caused by sudden and abrupt resignation of the Finance Controller / CFO of the company until such time a replacement is done.

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